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Open Offices​

Many office spaces have ceilings, walls and floors with hard and reflective surfaces. With no absorbing material, the sound can bounce around, spread and raise noise levels. By the use of sound absorbers, good acoustic conditions can be created in your office space which can also be useful for the overall productivity of your employees.


It feels really ecstatic when one site in an auditorium and watches the favorite play or a music concert but is not at all able to listen to the lyrics properly due to the problem in the dissemination of the sound in the Auditorium Acoustic Treatment as the separation of the sound is not properly maintained. With the effective use of acoustical services in a better way we can help you to provide proper design that we will make your auditorium the best one in terms of acoustic management.

Home Theatres

Having a home theater can be a great bonding experience for families and provide endless hours of entertainment. Further, it can help to increase the value of your home. But there is one aspect of a home theater that is incredibly important and must be carefully fine-tuned: the acoustics of the room. This is where home theater acoustic panels can provide a perfect solution to cater this need and create a immersive sound experience in a smaller home theatre space.

House of worship

Acoustics in house of worship play a key role in building and sustaining a satisfied congregation. Ignoring the importance of sound quality can subvert attendance and compromise the sustained growth of the community. To unlock the potential of your House of Worship reward it with functional acoustic space and transform it into a premium sound quality with acoustic sound panels.

Conference Rooms

Conference rooms often suffer from being too “live” acoustically, caused due to many reflections off the hard surfaces in the room, like the walls, windows, furniture, etc, causing reverberation (commonly referred to as “echo”).This reverberation smudged speech , affecting clarity and intelligibility. This can cause fatigue due to the additional effort the brain must make to stay with the situation.

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