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Digital Technology

Smart Infrastructure

Core Infrastructure such as Network, Data Centre, Building Management Systems , Lighting systems are some of the key services that play a very critical role in the delivery of end-user experiences. Integrated, Smart and cohesive infrastructure is the key for successful Digital Transformation.

Smart Access

Frictionless access to parking facilities using Face Recognition, CCTV solution and integrated Access control system. Seamless access to building lobby, lifts and workspace, not just for employees but also for visitors and clients for an organization.

Smart Workspace

Smart Workspaces use cloud-based solutions & IoT sensors that monitor & report occupancy, space utilization & office climate, allows users to easily access meeting rooms, cafeteria, collaboration tools and other building facilities with ease and comfort.

Smart City

Smart cities are connected cities, and they work in conjunction with everything from IoT sensors to open data collection and smart streetlights to provide better services and better communication. Data from all segments is analysed, and patterns are derived from the collected data.

Cyber Security

With the advent of Digital and connected infrastructure , there is an increasingly need to ensure that the right security policy, processes and tools are in place to protect the assets of the organization.

Digital Technology Clients

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