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Case Study – 1

Firmenich Aromatics India Pvt. Ltd.


Firmenich Aromatics India Pvt. Ltd., Andheri Mumbai is a company that creates emotions through the sense of taste and smell. With their extensive experience, they create fragrances and flavors for their customers. Touching over 4 billion consumers several times a day, in more than 100+ markets: from their breakfast cereals and their coffee in the morning, to their shampoo, shower gel & fine fragrance when they go out at night.

The office setup on the +06 and 07 level of the Andheri Office has lighting’s and occupancy for all the staff members. So the Lighting Management System has been awarded to M/s. Cavis Infotech Pvt. Ltd to conserve and save the electricity and the environment.

2.1 Lighting Management System:

The Lighting management System consists of Enhanced wireless occupancy node (under desk). Smart presense sensor for each occupancy and wireless light addressable device for each occupancy. This device switches On the light based on the occupancy. As the sensor sense the occupancy the light is turned On and as there is no occupancy sensed by the sensor the light is turned off automatically. Hence the electricity is saved and conserved in an efficient manner.

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