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Visitor Management Solutions

Power up for a simple, smart & secure visitor experience. Modernise your front desk to give your guests the welcome they deserve with our highly customisable visitor management system! Our solutions offer enhanced efficiency by saving time for the employees & their guests through visitor pre-registration prior to reaching the premises or & by using a self-registration tablet. These systems also improve office security by providing time-stamped records, verified phone numbers and a photo of each visitor.

Facial Recognition System

Powerful new technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have recently been developed to offer an entirely new level of security. Video capture and recording solutions today can record facial images and compare them with incredible accuracy. There are many ways to use Facial Recognition to keep people safe, enhance business operations, as well as improve our everyday lives with optimised services. Now there is a better way to track attendance and grant controlled access. Based on facial recognition technology, this new method is quicker, safer, and more accurate.

Visitor Management Solutions

Smart Parking is a parking solution that can include in-ground Smart Parking sensors, cameras or counting sensors. These devices are usually embedded into parking spots orpositioned next to them to detect whether the parking bays are free or occupied. This happens through real-time data collection. The data is then transmitted to a smart parking mobile application or website, which communicates the availability to its users. Some companies also offer other in-app information, such as parking prices and locations. This gives you the possibility to explore every parking option available to you.

Smart Cafeteria

Most corporate cafeterias are plagued with long queues, payment failures, and poor cafeteria services. Redefining the cafeteria experience with the help of robust and cutting-edge technologies is the need of the hour. Our solutions bring efficiency to employee access mechanisms, workstation logins, and attendance mapping. We have seen that owing to the application of technology; corporates are better able to focus on their needs with greater ease. A smart cafeteria offers the convenience of quick and easy food delivery with cash-free transactions.

Desk & Room Booking

Our system provides real-time availability of rooms and desks to plan spaces effectively, minimize real estate costs, and ensure a boost in day-to-day employee experience. The big data gathered allows you to manage and comparing metrics across floors and buildings. An active time stamp indicates when data was last recorded into the system to ensure an up-to-date view. One can now get a centralized view of occupancy data collected from seats and rooms at each location, along with a real-time view of actual occupancy on the floor layout.

Smart Transportation

Fleet management is basically making efficient use of the available fleet, maximizing performance and output and minimizing waste. To be able to maximize performance, one has to constantly keep track of the important parameters such as current location, usage of the fleet, demand location of the fleet on real-time basis etc. Driving the vehicles over the speed limit or keeping them idle have a harmful effect on the environment, apart from the fact that they also cause excessive wear and tear and additional fuel costs. Using IoT technology, the company could easily track

Lighting Solutions

We provide solutions with a PoE based lighting architecture that reduces the multiple technologies in a building and provides the base infrastructure for an intelligent building.The multifunctional sensor technology inbuilt covers the necessary hardware and the data basis for all currently important use cases for users, tenants, operators and owners. Power network infrastructure for lighting and the BUS system will be replaced by a single data cable. No further infrastructure is required. In this way, the buildings are completely networked. Control takes place in real time and is fail-safe.

Environment Monitoring

Our environment control solution assists organizations in reducing their carbon footprint and improving productivity. The occupancy sensors have built-in temperature, humidity, and noise sensing capabilities which helps to maximize employee comfort and improve the sustainability of your space. The data collected can be utilised for designing Lighting Management System, Air Quality Profiling, Temperature Profiling, creating Lighting Scenes and Noise Profiling. Our solutions help monitor air quality levels in the office environment to improve workspace ambiance and productivity.

Bespoke Solutions

Although IoT has it’s presence in most of our homes, it’s existence in the workspace segment is touching another level! Speaking of real life examples of IoT in workspaces, there are companies looking out for innovative use of IoT in their facilities viz. tracking inventories, monitoring generators, scheduling maintenance, control curtains & lights, automating surveillance, etc. We help our partners in customising the solution to suit the particular brief given by their customers. Working with secure products that are GDPR compliant, gives us the edge in terms of avoiding potential security risks.

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